Online 48-hour Domestic Mediation Training + Domestic Violence Screening Protocol Training

AUGUST 24-26, 28, 31, SEPTEMBER 1-2 This 48-hour State Court Administrative Office (SCAO) approved training is designed to teach participants the skills necessary to act as mediators in facilitating the resolution of divorce and custody disputes. This training is the first step for any individual who wishes to mediate privately or qualify for the circuit court roster approved list of mediators. The training includes our 40-hour Divorce and Custody (Domestic Relations) Mediator training plus the SCAO-required 8-hour Domestic Violence Screening Protocol Training. Participants will receive a detailed mediation manual and a CD containing reproducible mediation forms. Dates: (All Trainings Full) 40-hour training: August 24-26, 31, September 1-2. Hours: 9 am -4:30 pm daily [Domestic Violence Screening Training Date is August 28– Hours: 8:30 am-5:30 pm] Cost: $1295 To Register: Contact Zena Zumeta, or 734-663-1155
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Online Civil Mediation Training

Special emphasis will be given to the understanding of the Mediation Process and its place within the ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) structure. Elements of the program include the nature of conflict, facilitative method of dispute resolution, understanding values and relationships embedded within the dispute resolution process, ethical standards of practice, the role of the mediator, creating safe harbors and how to bring about mutually satisfactorily solution(s).
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Online Elder Mediation Training

Eldercare and Probate Mediation training focus on Adult Guardianship and Family Caregiver Mediation. Adult Guardianship and Family Caregiver mediation are quite different from other types of mediation. We focus on inclusion of the older person’s voice in the mediation and techniques for working in multiparty family mediations. At the conclusion of the training, participants will be prepared to organize and perform Elder Mediations. Meant for both mediators and possible participants in mediation, this is an advanced training for those who have already taken basic mediation training, and an introduction to Elder Mediation for those who have not. For registration, contact Julie Lowenthal at
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