Online Elder Mediation Training December 7-9, 2021

Eldercare and Probate Mediation training focus on Adult Guardianship and Family Caregiver Mediation. Adult Guardianship and Family Caregiver mediation are quite different from other types of mediation. We focus on inclusion of the older person's voice in the mediation and techniques for working in multiparty family mediations. At the conclusion of the training, participants will be prepared to organize and perform Elder Mediations. Meant for both mediators and possible participants in mediation, this is an advanced training for those who have already taken basic mediation training, and an introduction to Elder Mediation for those who have not.

For registration, contact Julie Lowenthal at

The Eight Rules of Framing, which takes about 10 minutes to complete, walks you through each suggested rule and often provides an opportunity for you to choose possible alternative approaches and see how the couple might react. Nice job Zena!
– Bill Warters, Assistant Professor, Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan

I found the program was incredibly educational. I learned so much more than I had even hoped to! The trainers were great as were the exercises!
– Anonymous