Online Civil Mediation Training

NOVEMBER 4-6, 11-12, 2021

Special emphasis will be given to the understanding of the Mediation Process and its place within the ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) structure. Elements of the program include the nature of conflict, facilitative method of dispute resolution, understanding values and relationships embedded within the dispute resolution process, ethical standards of practice, the role of the mediator, creating safe harbors and how to bring about mutually satisfactorily solution(s).


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Dayna Harper, Community Resolution Center, or Zeina Baydoun, Wayne County Dispute Resolution Center,

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I found the program was incredibly educational. I learned so much more than I had even hoped to! The trainers were great as were the exercises!
– Anonymous

…my feelings about the mediation process changed significantly, opening my mind to a new way of bringing people with adverse positions together…. I encourage all family law practitioners to spend one week of their careers for training in…
– Hon. Bill Callahan, 3rd Judicial Court of Michigan