If I want to be a divorce mediator in Michigan, what qualifications do I need to be listed on court rosters?

Under the Court Rule 3.216, domestic relations mediators in Michigan need the following qualifications to be put on a roster in any circuit court that has an approved ADR plan:

G. Qualification of Mediators.

  1. To be eligible to serve as a domestic relations mediator under this rule, an applicant must meet the following minimum qualifications:
    1. The applicant must
      1. be a licensed attorney, a licensed or limited licensed psychologist, a licensed professional counselor, or a licensed marriage and family therapist; or
      2. have a master's degree in counseling, social work, or marriage and family therapy; or
      3. have a graduate degree in a behavioral science; or
      4. have 5 years experience in family counseling.
    2. The applicant must have completed a training program approved by the State Court Administrator providing the generally accepted components of domestic relations mediation skills. [Currently a 40-hour basic domestic relations mediation training plus an 8-hour domestic violence screening training approved by the State Court Administrator.]
    3. The applicant must have observed two domestic relations mediation proceedings conducted by an approved mediator, and have conducted one domestic relations mediation to conclusion under the supervision and observation of an approved mediator.
  2. An applicant who has specialized experience or training, but does not meet the specific requirements of subrule (G)(1), may apply to the ADR clerk for special approval. The ADR clerk shall make the determination on the basis of criteria provided by the State Court Administrator. [Currently the degree requirements above may be waived upon demonstration of completion of 80 hours or 20 cases in domestic relations mediation(Training Standards 7.2.5).]
  3. Approved mediators are required to obtain 8 hours of advanced mediation training during each 2-year period. Failure to submit documentation establishing compliance is grounds for removal from the list under subrule(F)(4).