What does your 40-hour course include?

The course is organized to cover the basic areas of divorce mediation. (See the Sample Workshop Agenda for more details.) Both experiential and didactic, the course will not only cover the basic content areas of a divorce settlement, i.e., property division, support and parenting arrangements, etc., but will also include components on the nature of the divorce process and its relationship to mediation, mediation as a form of dispute resolution, the role of professional mediators vis-a-vis attorneys and therapists, ethics and standards of practice for mediators, getting started as a mediator, marketing, continuing education, writing a memorandum, and related issues involved in acquiring the knowledge and skills to become a competent mediator. One distinctive feature of this training is the inclusion of videotapes of each stage of the mediation process. In addition, our 369-page manual includes many of the forms you'll need to start a divorce mediation practice.