Moosewood Computers, Inc. Comparative Mediation Videos

A Multimedia Comparison of Caucus and Joint Session Techniques in Mediating Disputes

See facilitative vs. evaluative styles in action.

Two sets of videos show comparative mediation techniques on the part of Zena Zumeta, JD, and Jon Muth, JD, both highly regarded mediators in Michigan. Zena Zumeta uses the facilitative style in mostly joint sessions; Jon Muth uses the evaluative style in mostly caucus sessions.

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Four Options to Choose From!

Each set is available in both edited (30 minutes each) and full (50-minute) versions.

Moosewood I

Moosewood I focuses on the partnership issues and a decision by the partners whether to disband the partnership or continue it. The mediators focus on that decision and its consequences.

Video 1: Zena Zumeta, mediator
Video 2: Jon Muth, mediator

Moosewood II

In Moosewood II, the partners know they will dissolve the partnership. The mediation focuses on the monetary and dissolution issues.

Video 1: Jon Muth, mediator
Video 2: Zena Zumeta, mediator

All packages include background information about the case.

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